About FairEnds


It was a few short years ago, after being introduced by a mutual friend, that Ben and Martin started collaborating on custom bicycles for a shop in lower Manhattan. When the project was finished, the two stayed in touch (Ben lives outside of Missoula, MT and Martin in New York) and talked about ways they could continue to work together.

After receiving a request to design a series of custom-made hats, Ben and Martin knew it was the perfect opportunity to combine their complimentary skills in production and design.

FairEnds was born in 2011 out of simplicity, with no logos, no eccentricities and no preciousness. Ben and Martin wanted to make a line of colorful hats that were both urban and western, a nod to their cross-country locations. Instead of "limited-edition" and "exclusive", they wanted "something for everyone."

FairEnds hats are made in California and can now be found at stores around the world. And keep an eye out for the FairEnds empire to keep expanding, with new product launches and collaborations planned throughout 2017.


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